Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Batesville Indiana | Baby Milestone Photography Session | Madison

Meet Miss Madison.  She was my first baby in my new studio way back in January 2017.  She is part of the reason why I love photographing babies....

When I started my photography journey, I had no desire to take photos of babies...I would only do it if it was part of a Family Portrait Session.  Then Miss Madi came along...I was asked to take her newborn photos, I tried saying "No, this type of photography was not my style"  but the parents (and grandparents) wanted I gave in, and I have not looked back!  I fell in love with babies!  Especially the Milestone sessions!  

This was Madi's 9 month milestone session...she of course was amazing!  I let her do her thing and just followed her with my camera.  Madi has a special place in my heart, I can't wait to see her grow up!  Im posting few of my favorites from her session...take a look and let me know what you think...comment below! 


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Batesville Indiana | Children and Family Photographer | Fall Sessions 2017

  Can you believe it's time to talk about Fall Portrait sessions?!  Where has the summer gone?  I always think I do not like the Fall (Im defiantly a summer girl) season...but when I see the leaves changing colors, cooler temps, family gatherings etc. I change my mind!!  Now since Im offering Fall Portrait sessions (Children/Family) I can't wait!!  Want to see my dates before anyone else?  Just click on this link, more information at end of this post..

Last year I was able to take photos at awesome locations.  The first few photos was taken at Ramsey Farms, in Shelbyville Indiana.  This family is one of my favorite families and always fun to photograph.  We used different locations on their farm and also tractors as props!  I told you they are fun!  

Next location was a family farm in Enochsburg Indiana.  These kids were absolutely adorable!  We chose their woods as our backdrop as the leaves had changed colors and fallen to ground.  There might have been a few leaves thrown too! I love the photo with the family farm in the background...whom am I kidding...I loved them all! 

Next location takes us to The Apple Works, an apple orchard in Indiana.  This was a fun session as it included my niece and her boyfriend (now fiance) and their dog Remington.  We had perfect scenery to use as backdrops...who doesn't love a walk thru apple trees!?!

Next up is Kennedy Park in Shelbyville Indiana.  This is one of my favorite locations for any of my sessions.  Always guaranteed beautiful backgrounds..especially in the fall.  Im featuring couple families from this location as the lighting was perfect that afternoon. 

Next location was on a pond in the country, also on a family farm.  It was a bit chilly that day (Saturday after Thanksgiving) but the family was amazing.  We quickly took the photos and managed many different locations in 30 min.!!  Defiantly a beautiful family!

The next photos were taken at Southeastway Park in Indianapolis, Indiana and Pleasant View Apple orchard.  Beautiful locations, beautiful family and children.  I cannot think of a better way to work and spend my Saturday afternoon!  


 As you can tell Fall is the perfect time to update those Family Portraits!  If you would like to see my Fall Portrait session dates before anyone else...just sign up for my Preferred Email here and you will receive a free gift from your session....Also, your name will be put in a raffle for a free 16x20 canvas from your session!!  Sounds like a cool club to be in, huh??  I would love to be your photographer! 


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Shelby County Fair 2017 | Tractor Pull | Battle of Blue Grass

Shelby County Fair in Shelbyville Indiana was the location for Battle of Blue Grass Tractor Pull.  My brotherinlaw  (Ron Mitchell) is a member of Battle of Blue Grass and I thought I would take few photos for him, but turns out it was so much fun I had to take photos of all the tractors.  This is Ron (brotherinlaw) and his Allis - Chalmers tractor.  Funny thing is he has no idea Im taking his photo, anyone that knows Ron knows he does not like his photo taken....well this photo has become very popular on my Social Media....

Then I was able to capture Ron and his son Kyle discussing who knows what....Im sure they were talking about how to win the night....seeing Ron had just rebuilt his tractor and finished it 1 hour before having to be at the tractor about cutting it close!  Anyway, I love how this photo turned out....

After what seemed like forever for the other group to was finally time for Battle of Bluegrass....Unfortunately I was not able to capture all the tractors in the was too dark and lighting was not good....Here are some of the photo's I took....I apologize to the tractor owners I could not take photos of. 

The winner of the night was Kenny Powell, unfortunately his tractor was one of the  photo's I couldn't take.  Until next tractor pull...I'm off to buy earplugs cause I couldn't hear anything after this event!!

What do you think?  Ever been to a Tractor Pull?  I would love to hear your thoughts by commenting below.  

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